These are the old dinosaur kid comics, from 2012-2015, and’re separate from the strip that began in 2017.

The first run of dinosaur kid started on 12/12/12. It updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays for a year-and-a-half, until I went to China in 2014, and sporadically after that. If you follow them all the way through, you’ll see a lot of progression in my drawing ability and a fair bit of confusion on my part about what to do with the characters/world/stories. I reckon the best of it is “Vs. Tooth Fairy.”

  1. First Comics (15)
  2. Valentine’s Day (6)
  3. Lost Explorers (6)
  4. Fitness Test (8)
  5. Super Duper Project (8)
  6. Pop Goes the Dino (18)
  7. Down Under (26)
  8. Up a Tree (28)
  9. “Dust of Snow” (1)
  10. Vs. Tooth Fairy (36)
  11. Note from the Author (1)
  12. Bad Computer Comics (5)
  13. Ice Cream Kōans (12)
  14. Dulce et Decorum Wet (13)

They’re arranged chronologically by posting date. The parenthetical (#) shows how many pages are in each arc. The last one’s unfinished.

Finally, I also wrote two illustrated stories with the characters. They originally had music through YouTube links, but I think it’s all been taken down. You can read them here: