This is where I’ll post or link to non-Dinosaur Kid comics. All the same licenses apply, cuz wakka-wakka Creative Commons boogity-boogity-boo. They’re mostly posted chronologically.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

There’s a wonderfully deep freeware roguelike called Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I made a comic chronicling what happened to one of my characters: Yaya Iki, a humanoid warrior ant. This is what the game looks like:


And here’s the comic, in two parts. I was trying to ape the ASCII art.

Part 1

Part 2

DCSS Yaya Iki bit

“N’Mores,” an Aporkalypse short story

Aporkalypse is a humorous post-apocalyptic strip created by the people at Stache Publishing. They invited me to submit something for a print anthology they’re publishing, and this is the short story that I put together using their characters/universe — 8 pages in total.


N'mores 5

Jessifrax (for Squeezebox)

My friend Karla runs a website about Kansas City culture and history, with a real micro neighborhood-to-neighborhood to focus, and I’ve done a few comics for her from the perspective of an extraterrestrial everything-critic named Jessifrax. You can check them out at Squeezebox, as well as some silly portraiture I did of famous Kansas City people.

CitMar #1


These comics were the idea of the esteemed Zailee Quartz (Twitter: @ZaileeZee) she who wields Planet Earth’s best name. She wrote and I drew these short strips. Drawn with brush pens, colored digitally.

/backslash #1

/backslash #2

/backslash #3

an early attempt by me at Zailee’s vision, because haha funny

backslash plainEverything I Drew At Planet Comicon 2014 (just about)

In the week leading up to this event, I sketched/painted a lot of Dinosaur Kid pictures to give away as promotional whatevers.  When I got to the convention, I sketched some more at my table. Then I got really tired and ran out of ideas and started just sketching whatever. Click below to see them all. (This isn’t really everything from that weekend. A few drawings, I just forgot to take a picture of.)

part i

part ii



This is a bunch of whatever about riding bikes and should not be taken seriously.

Bicyclopedia: part 1

Bicyclopedia: part 2